Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Friday Favorites

It's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday... Guess what happens today? That's right. Twihards will be creaming their panties (if they haven't done so at midnight) during the headboard breaking smexing scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1. Really? Part 1? Just because Potter did it doesn't mean that every tween book turned movie has to do it with the last book in the series. The only good thing about the last Twilight book were Jacob's chapter titles. Anywho, rant over. Let's get on to the good stuff.

This weeks Five Friday Favorites:

December Joyathon. Not that I'm tooting my own horn or anything. The banner is fabulous (done by Ms. Jenn LeBlanc), the authors are totally awesome and my co-conspirators(Laura & Jamie Lynn) have sooo amazing. It was this tiny idea with just a name and then it took a life of its own becoming this 24 day event that I hope to hold annually on the blog. Gah! Just so flipping excited about it. Why yes, those abs on the banner belong to the guy in my header. :)

Pride & Passion by Charlotte Featherstone. Danger, betrayal, pride, secrets, passion, the occult. Hello Charlotte Featherstone, where have you been all my life? And yes, I picked this book up because of it's gorgeous cover. Let me tell you, I'm not a fan of orange but this cover is just fantastic. I missed out on Scandal & Seduction, the first book in the series and have been running all over town looking for it. Apparently my bookstores have no appreciation for romance books.

Forever and A Day by Delilah Marvelle. This is her first book in her new Rumor series. Confession: I have been hankering DYING to read this galley. It's floating in the Kindle, taunting me. I keep telling it that there are other books that I must read and it needs to buy me flowers and dinner before I jump into bed with it. Seriously, Delilah Marvelle is one of my favorite authors. She was the first to introduce me to ass play. No joke. I've had a girl crush on her ever since. :)

GIMP. Okay, I've had this photoshop-like program on my computer for a while now and just started playing around with it. OMG. How could I not have discovered the wonders of it until now??? It takes a while to figure out filters and cutting and dragging and all that good stuff. My favorite is smudging. *giggle*

Model Mayhem. Once again, I lost over an hour during the writing of this post just looking through Model Mayhem. What?! It's the best place to find man candy. Some of your favorite Man Candy Monday staples come from there. Seriously. Like this guy:

Now that I've shared my five favorites for this week, what about YOU? Any new movies, books, videos, man candy or what have you that you've been loving this week? Sharing IS Caring. :)
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