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Blog Tour: Q&A and Giveaway with Katy Madison


Oh my gosh y'all! Katy Madison is on the blog today answering questions about her latest release, ALL ABOUT SEDUCTION. I first heard of Katy during Ashley March's First Annual March Madness Blog Party. After doing a little research on Katy, I found that by age 8, she had read over a hundred Nancy Drew mystery books and the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, multiple times. I knew at that moment, I had to host her on the blog, so without further ado, let's give Katy a HUGE Texas "Howdy".


Katy Madison has always loved stories. As a child she was always lugging a book around. At the age of eight, after having gone through over a hundred Nancy Drew mysteries, all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books—at least twice—and many others including her full weekly allotment of library books, Katy went to her mother and begged for a new book to read. Her frustrated mother handed her a romance novel. Katy fell in love with the romance genre. She quickly found where her mother hid the rest and began sneaking them out to read. She cut her eye teeth on books by Georgette Heyer and Mary Stewart, not to mention dozens of Barbara Cartland’s. With a nod to great Gothic novels like Jane Eyre and Rebecca, Katy offers up her gothic romance Tainted by Temptation.

Katy makes her home with her family and two cats on a tree-lined street in Kansas City. She thinks there is nothing better than a curling up in front of the fireplace and escaping with a good book while a storm rages outside. Except maybe the beach without the storm, plenty of sun, and, of course, a good book.

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Q&A with Katy:
KATI R.: Who is Katy Madison? Author, Mother, Georgette Heyer fangirl?
KATY M.:All of the above. Author, for sure. I don’t think I could quit writing if I tried. Mother of five, and I read all of Georgette Heyer’s romances by the time I was twelve, which was good because once I started having children, I just didn’t have as much time to read.

KR: Tell us a little bit about your book. [no copy and pasting the blurb :)]
KM: ALL ABOUT SEDUCTION is a story well, all about seduction. [That was a little bit.]

Okay, it’s a story about breaking out of class barriers and conventions and finding love in an unexpected place. Here’s my quick explanation: When Caroline Broadhurst’s impotent husband insists she conceive an heir with her blue-blooded linage and his name, she is expected to sleep with one of the gentlemen provided. But she only finds one man attractive, a man who is worlds apart from her and should be beneath her notice for he is not a gentleman.

Mill worker Jack Applegate wants to make his mark on the world, but when a accident thrusts him into the arms of his boss’s wife, he’s torn between pursuing his dream and becoming a man worthy of her, or just enjoying the forbidden passion for the short time he can. But if Mr. Broadhurst learns of his wife’s choice of a lowly mill worker to father his heir, well he’s not a man to be thwarted...

KR: Tell us about your hero and heroine.
KM: Caroline Broadhurst is a woman trapped by the conventions of her time and place in society. At the age of fifteen, she was basically sold into marriage with a wealthy old man to finance her family’s lifestyle. Since she’s never had children of her own, she’s developed an interest in running the mill and taking care of all the mill children. She expects to inherit the mill upon her husband’s death, but he threatens to leave her penniless if she doesn’t produce a child. She is at first appalled, but then decides to go along because she desperately wants her independence in a world where men call all the shots.

Jack Applegate was born poor and has been working since he was a small child. He is ambitious and proud, yet caring. He is pursing his dream of engineering machinery so he can patent his ideas and become a self-made man, but his responsibilities to his family hold him back. He fears his last chance to succeed might be passing him by, but how can he pass up a chance to make love with a woman he’s admired from afar for years?

KR: Do you have any writing rituals? (blasting music, eating cookies, absolute silence)
KM: Not really. Just put my butt in my chair and my fingers on the keyboard. Silence is nice, but I can write with noise. The only thing that really interferes with my concentration is a hurt kid crying, even if it’s one of the kids down the street. I do always have a big glass of iced tea beside me. I occasionally switch it up and take the laptop and write outside of my office, either on the treadmill, out on my patio, or in my bed. Helps to get a change of scenery every now and then.

KR: What do you have next in store for readers?
KM: Depending on publishing schedules, next is BRIDE BY MAIL an American set historical coming from Harlequin Historicals under the name Kate Madison. Raised to be a pampered upper class wife with a full retinue of servants to cook and clean, Olivia Hansson had her world turned upside down when a train wreck killed her parents and left her penniless. With the Civil War enlistments, men are in short supply in the East and work is scarce, so she answers an advertisement for a wife. She tries to put her best foot forward by arriving in the territories wearing one of her mother’s fashionable gowns. Fur trader, Jack Trudeau needs a resourceful helpmate who can hold her own in the dangerous Rocky Mountains, not a fashion plate who can’t cook, can’t shoot, and hasn’t a clue how to raise chickens. What’s worse is her ignorance could prove fatal to either one or both of them.

I’m just finishing up writing a story about a man who returns home after being enslaved for years to find the woman he believes is behind the destruction of his life is ensconced in his home, living as his widow. He is about to toss her out and repudiate their probably less than legal marriage, but he learns they have a son. That one should be out in late 2012. There might be a novella in there too.

They say you can tell a lot about a person with the answers they choose. So let's have a little fun with Katy.
1. Alpha or Beta? Gamma? I think I write more of a hybrid, although Jack is probably more of a Beta than most of my heroes.

2. Wallflower or Belle of the Ball? Wallflower, I tend to prefer heroines who don’t have a great social network and sometimes aren’t noticed right away.

3. Virgin Widow or Secret Baby? Virgin Widow, although I’ve never written one. I have written older virgins. I did do a Secret Baby once and it is really hard to avoid deception on someone’s part with that plot line. Ugh. I don’t like characters to outright lie to each other.

4. Titled peer or Working man? Working man, Jack is definitely a working man, but I don’t object to a peer.

5. Debutante or Spinster? Spinster, I prefer a heroine who has a few miles on her and has been kicked around by life.

6. Men in uniform or Highlanders in kilts (or is that trews)? Men in uniform. I always think of Scotsmen as bow-legged, barrel-chested redheads, not my ideal hero. Hope I didn’t kill anyone’s fantasy. My bad.

7. Plotter or Pantser? Total Pantser, although I prefer fly into the mist writer. I start a story armed with a premise and characters that I probably know a few things about what have happened to them in their past and a scene or two in my head, but that’s it. I often start writing without a clue where it will go or how I’m going to get out of the chapter.

8. Bound copy or E-book? Either, I’m starting to prefer e-books and I never thought I would. But you never lose your place if you fall asleep while reading an e-book.

9. Writing or Reading? Writing, I wish I had more time for reading.

10. Dressed up or Scrubbed down? Scrubbed down. Are you kidding? Most days I don’t make it out of my jammies until the afternoon, sometimes not even then. Although, I do love my high heels for an occasional dress-up event.

11. Night in or Night out? Night in, see above. I prefer to watch a movie on DVD in case I need to replay a part because somebody was talking during a crucial part. I have a real bad tendency to figure out plots early on and blurt out who did it or whatever. I do, however, love dinner out. And in my misspent youth, I used to live on the dance floor, but these days, who has time for that?

12. Almanzo Wilder or Ned Nickerson? Almanzo, totally. Was Ned anything ever than a ride or an extra body when Nancy needed it? I reread THESE HAPPY GOLDEN YEARS so many times as a kid and was totally in love with Almanzo.

13. Authors Choice: So the late, great Kate Duffy always used to say you were either an Austen girl or a Bronte girl. So which do you prefer?

Thank you Katy for stopping by and sharing your latest release with us!

Genre: Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Avon (October 25,2011)
ISBN: 9780062017357

Caroline Broadhurst is about to take a lover— At her husband’s command. For fifteen years, Caroline has done everything her much older husband has desired—except provide an heir. Now he has given her an ultimatum: seduce a suitable gentleman and bear a son. Caroline would never think of bowing to such a shameful order, but then she meets Jack Applegate.

Jack has longed for the beautiful, untouchable Caroline for years, but the chasm between a lady and a laborer was too wide to ever dream of crossing. Now, fate and passion have thrown them together, but the potential scandal threatens to smother their love. And when a violent secret comes to light, only a terrible sacrifice will prevent the flame of their affection from being snuffed out forever …
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HUGE thank you to Katy and Harper Collins for donating the prize. Thanks to Katy for stopping by to answer some questions and giving us a peek inside her latest release. Also, thanks to Marianne at Goddess Fish Promotions for forwarding correspondence between Katy and I. 
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