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Historical ARC Review: Forever Mine by Delilah Marvelle

FOREVER MINE by Delilah Marvelle
GENRE: Historical
FILE SIZE: 5KB (about 90 pages)
PUBLISHER: HQN Books (December 1,2011)

London, 1802
Lady Augustine Jane Ascott longs for a man who will do more than offer his hand in marriage. She wants a husband she can trust, someone who will shield her from the darkness of the world. Her heart was broken when her little brother was kidnapped years earlier, and she still carries the pain of his loss.

When the handsome Duke of Wentworth makes his feelings for her known, Augustine's past demons warn her away. Besides, every woman in London knows he's devoted to the memory of his late wife. But is it possible he cares for her after all—and that their love can bring them the peace they both crave?
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I loved it!
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Dear Delilah Marvelle,
I love you. In a girl crush sort of way. This prequel to your upcoming Rumor series has me eagerly waiting for the release of FOREVER AND A DAY. I can't believe you left me with more questions than answers. But then again, isn't that what a prequel is for? To hook the reader in and introduce them to a world of danger, betrayal, secrets, discovery and  knee buckling kisses. Well, you've got me. Hook. Line. Sinker. You've had me at the School of Gallantry series. :) [leather dildo ass play anyone??]
Your truly,
Kati R

At seventeen years old, Lady Augustine "Auggie" Jane Ascott loses her brother to a kidnapper in New York City. The man is creeping, Edward Cullen style, and she mentions it to her father. He in turn tells her not to worry, he would have a word with his "friend". Next thing she realizes, Nathaniel is gone, taken away through a secret panel in his room. He only left her with a note: I forgive you. What does that mean?

Two years later, back in London, Auggie falls for Leonard Gabriel Stewart, the Duke of Wentworth. He's slightly obsessed with her, once again Edward Cullen style, and he proposes to her. The ton knows that he is loyal to his dead wife's memory. During their marriage they never conceived so he has no heir. Augustine agrees to the marriage but is there more to the proposal than meets the eye?

There's something about her father that I do not like and I can't put my finger on it. Yet. Something is rotten in Denmark New York.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Did he like her in the way that she liked him? Probably not. He probably felt sorry for her. Everyone did given her family's tragedy, damn them all." (***quote subject to change in finished copy***)

OVERALL: Oh Delilah Marvelle, whyyyy??? December can't come soon enough. I must find out what happens next. Who kidnapped Nathaniel? Will Augustine find true love with the Duke of Wentworth? Is her father somehow involved with the kidnapping? This prequel sets up Marvelle's Rumor series. It takes us on a wild ride from the shadowy streets of New York City to the shadowy corners of a London ballroom full of danger, intrigue, too many secrets and a too handsome Duke. It teases and tantalizes the reader into wanting more, needing more and hoping for more. And I do. Oh so much. If this novella is a precursor of the events waiting to unfold in the series, I hope it gets darker and more twisted. After all, this is Delilah Marvelle's specialty and that's what makes her one of my favorite authors of all time. She doesn't sugar coat the unsexy side of romance. Instead, she comes out swinging that riding crop, giving us a hard whack when we least expect it and we keep begging for more.

***review copy provided by Delilah Marvelle***

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