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Historical Review: The Making of a Gentleman by Shana Galen

The Making of a Gentleman by Shana Galen
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Paperback
Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (October 1, 2010)
Stripped of his humanity...Armand, Comte de Valere, has spent twelve long years forgotten in a French prison. Now he's barely a man, until his beautiful tutor vows to help him come alive again.
Prey to a terrible fate...Felicity Bennett finds safety only in Armand's embrace, but the evil man pursuing her has joined forces with Armand's enemies...The cling to each other as a lifeline, until a long-buried secret emerges, threatening to annihilate their growing passion... (source:back cover)

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I loved it.
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Well, after winning 3 copies of this book, I finally gave in and read it. (I had forgotten about the giveaways and was surprised when the packages arrived.) Anywho, this is the second book in The Sons of Revolution series. It's in typical Shana Galen fashion: adrenaline pumping danger, a handsome hero, a headstrong heroine, an air of mystery, a touch of intrigue and toe curling smexing. A must read.

Top Reasons to Read This Book:
Silent, brooding, sexy, virgin hero with a dangerous past? Check. Pianoforte playing, marriage contract breaking, fall for her charge governess heroine? Check. Overprotective older brother? Check. Man claiming to be the husband of the heroine? Check. Bad guys who want the treasure that only the hero knows where it's at? Check and check.

Armand Harcourt had been locked away in a French prison, forgotten until his brother Julien (hero of The Making of A Duchess) breaks him out and brings him home to England. Armand shies away from touch because it is too painful and refuses to speak because it could cause trouble. He's determined to stay mute to keep his family safe from those who might find out that he alone, is the keeper of a 12 year old secret. His family wants to help him learn to become a functioning member of society and decide to hire a governess to teach him.

Enter Felicity Bennett, bent on repaying back the man her father sold her into marriage to. She takes up the position of governess and to her surprise, she would not be teaching a child but a grown man who somewhat frightens yet intrigues her with his behavior. She is determined to earn the money but the man shows up and demands the payment soon or the family will find out she is betrothed. Felicity has a penchant for playing the pianoforte and can play a tune, only hearing it a time or two. Her music soothes the beast in Armand.

Felicity sees two strange men digging in the gardens and this ushers in the heart pounding, adrenaline pumping, knuckle clutching events into motion. Armand soon realizes that those men are after him and the only way he can keep his family and Felicity safe is by staying up all night guarding their home. His family and Felicity want him to come clean with the secret and at first he denies any knowledge of the treasure.

All the while, Armand begins to talk, a word here, a phrase there. Felicity begins to see Armand as more than a pupil. His touch, his gaze, his presence does something to her. She know she must not lose sight of why she's there: the money to pay back Charles, the man her father sold her to. But with Armand, everything seems right with the world even if two treasure hungry men and one slimy wannabe dandy are after them.

Oh, and virgin hero alert!

Favorite Quote:
His eyes blazed  icy blue fire, his hands fisted at his side, and his barefooted stance was at once defiant and eager. Felicity forced herself to play, though she would rather have run from the comte's glare.
Overall: This book was sweet, sensual and tinged with danger. A fun, fast paced, heart pounding read. I will have to go back and read The Making of a Duchess since snippets of Julien and Sarah in this book have made me curious of their love story. Ms. Galen has a way with words. She makes the hero and heroine likeable and the villians boo-worthy. After reading this, I realized it's my first virgin hero book. What a difference in the storytelling when it comes to The Sexiness.

***I won 3 copies of this book from giveaways***

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