Monday, October 3, 2011

Man Candy Monday: Adonis Line Edition

Hello lovelies! It's a happy Monday morning. Or will be after the jump. Don't forget about Man Candy Monday on Twitter. Look for the #mancandymonday hashtag at around 8PM CST (6,7 and 9 for the rest of us). Bring pictures of dressed, half dressed or fully undressed (Would you be so kind as to put a warning with these? Some of us live on the edge and view these in public.) men and be prepared to drool, gasp, sigh, choke or snark about the pictures.

Okay, on to the main event. This weeks theme is: ADONIS LINE (definition: The V cut on the hips that you just want to lick. You know what I'm talking about. It is also known as Apollo's belt, Polyclitus Girdle or sexy hip cut. Whatever you call it, it's hot.)

Enough chatter, on to the pictures...

Don't forget to join us tonight for MORE hot man pics. These are here to tide you over until then. Also, don't forget to visit the official Man Candy Monday blog.

So, who's got YOU drooling over his Adonis line? The fireman round the corner (yes, mine are literally down the street), the lifeguards at the beach, that shirtless guy at the Renaissance festival, your favorite celebrity... Sharing is caring. :)
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