Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Friday Favorites

Ah, another Friday. Hope you've had a good week so far and an even better weekend. This week has been quite busy planning something fabulous on the blog for December (with help from wonderful friends), reading review books, requesting review books and scheduling posts so I don't have to stay up every night typing away, going cross-eyed. Anywho, let's get on to this weeks favorites, shall we?


A Vampire for Christmas by Laurie London, Michele Hauf, Caridad Pineiro and Alexis Morgan. Ah yes, Christmas has come early and let me just say that a dark, brooding, fanged man is the way to kick off the season. 4 wonderful authors, 4 novellas full of love, lust, laughter and the holiday spirit. A huge thank you to Ms. Laurie London for providing me with a review copy. And it's signed! Be on the lookout for the review once I'm done drooling over these men.

Drop Dead Diva.  Judge me all you want, Netflix has sucked me in. This show is quite addictive. An aspiring model and a lawyer at the top of her game die on the same day (sounds like the beginning of a horrible joke doesn't it?). The model hits the return button and ends up in the lawyer's body. She must come to terms with the fact she must now live that lawyer's life. Throw in an awkward guardian angel, a bubbly smart dumb blonde bff (she has her moments), a slew of guest actors (*ahem* Jake Pavelka, really??), a law firm with snarky, multidimensional characters AND Margaret Cho as her personal assistant and I've lost a whole afternoon.

Holiday themed books. Okay, so I opened with A Vampire for Christmas but I love, love, love this time of year. Holiday themed books are my absolute favorite, not only because of the gorgeous covers but the stories seem more magical. The discovery of new love, the healing of a broken relationship, a sleigh ride tucked next to a loved one, stolen kisses under the mistletoe. *sigh*

Mandy Moore. Hear me out. I grew up listening to her music, watched her go from cookie cutter bubblegum pop princess to versatile actress to soulful singer (all the while changing her haircut and color) and not once has she ever been arrested, tried to beat the crap out of a car with an umbrella, or end up in rehab. She was my Taylor Swift growing up. What brought this on you ask? I blame Katharine Ashe and Netflix. Tangled aka the updated Rapunzel Disney movie, is streaming and I've watched it multiple times. Mandy voices Rapunzel. Then I broke out The Princess Diaries, Saved!, Chasing Liberty, A Walk to Remember and streamed Love, Wedding, Marriage (hello half naked Kellan Lutz).

CLIF bars. Ah yes, Romances Biggest Winner is halfway over and CLIF bars have become my friend. Instead of grabbing the chips or polishing off a bowl of popcorn, I just grab one of these and the hunger goes away. Plus, they're yummy and the seasonal flavors are out. Mmm... gingerbread and spiced pumpkin pie.

So lovely readers, what do YOU love this week? A new movie I should go see? A new book I should pick up or add to The List? A new food I should try? Sharing is Caring. :)
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