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Erotic ARC Review: Then Came You by Vanessa Devereaux

THEN CAME YOU by Vanessa Devereaux
GENRE: Contemporary
FILE SIZE: about 80 pages
PUBLISHER: Total*E*Bound (October 2011)

Good Things Are Worth Waiting For...

Connor O’Riordan had his heart set on Gillian Matthews the first day she stepped onto his ranch but the only problem was she had a boyfriend. He’d made her promise that if the two of them ever broke up she’d tell him.

Gillian is a woman of her word and when Connor finds out she’s now available he’ll do anything to woo and romance the lady of his dreams. The best way to start...invite her to spend Thanksgiving at his ranch.

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Where to Buy: Total*E*Bound
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Not for me.

This story was sweet, the sex was boring and there was a lot of telling, not much showing. Don't get wrong, I liked parts of the story but I didn't want to go out and find me a cowboy.

Connor O'Riordan is a small town cowboy living in Wyoming, running the family ranch. Gillian Matthews is an animal pharmaceuticals sales rep and her region includes Wyoming. Connor has a crush on Gillian, two years running. Gillian has a boyfriend who conveniently breaks up with her so Connor can make his move. He invites her to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family because her family is going to be scattered around the country.

Gillian thinks Connor invited her for a booty call, which he sort of did but Connor finally wants to tell Gillian how he feels. Gillian, who is secretly attracted to Connor even though she had a boyfriend, jumps at the chance to spend Thanksgiving with Connor. Connor wants to romance Gillian before jumping into bed with her but, to hell with it! He's waited two stinkin' years for her and his horniness can't be contained. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

He picks her up from the airport, he shows her around the ranch, they do it, he gives her the new born foal as a gift, they do it some more, Gillian finds out he was married, they have more boring sex, she meets his family, his sister-in-laws tell her his secret (which after telling Connor she knows, I thought he would have been a little more upset that it came from his SIL), then more boring sex, she leaves to go back to her job, they're phasing out her job and she has a decision to make (move to the NYC office or get fired), and cue in Connor who helps make the decision for her.

Phew, did you get all that?


OVERALL: The story was cute and the characters interacted pretty well. It just didn't do much for me. The repeated mentions of "her juices were flowing" was a total turn-off. Seriously, is there an electric juicer in her vajayjay that's constantly on? There's other words to describe what happens to a woman's body during sex. Speaking of sex... it was boring. A lot of telling, not much showing. As in-- he put his cock inside her, then thrust, then thrust some more, oh! she came screaming his name, he came too. I don't think I will read another story/novella by this author.

***PDF provided by Goddess Fish for review in conjunction with Vanessa's blog tour***

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