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Historical Review: Romancing Lady Cecily by Ashley March

Romancing Lady Cecily by Ashley March
Format: Kindle
File Size: 149 KB; 15,000 words
Publisher: Signet (August 2,2011)

A brand-new Victorian romance novella from the author of Seducing the Duchess!Follow acclaimed author Ashley March, praised by Booklist for her “elegant writing [and] sizzling sexual chemistry,” into the world of Victorian romance, where Lady Cecily Bishop—promised by her parents to a stranger—must fend off the seductive games and heady caresses of Baron Sedgwick….a task that becomes more difficult with each soul-searing kiss…
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I loved it.
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Since reading and re-reading SEDUCING THE DUCHESS by Ashley March, I had been hankering for another book by her. Here's a little confession before I share my thoughts on ROMANCING LADY CECILY: I participated in Ashley's First Annual March Madness Blog Party and never really made the connection until I discovered her book on my shelf. Apparently, I had pre-ordered it right before its release (October 2010), read it and loved Philip and Charlotte. Then I waited. Hoping she'd come out with something else. Well, here's the something else that ties in to her next book, ROMANCING THE COUNTESS.

The story sets up the beginning of ROMANCING THE COUNTESS. At the beginning of this story, Cecily finds out her best friend, Angela, had died in a carriage accident while running away with her lover.

Lady Cecily Bishop must choose between the sinfully delicious Baron Sedgwick who pulls her in deeper with every kiss, every touch OR the mysterious August, the suitor who her father had signed her over to two years ago to cover an investment. Cecily's inner turmoil had me sitting on the edge of my couch (literally) wondering whether she would give in to Sedgwick, after he proposes to her OR be the good girl and do as her parents wish. Oh Cecily. What a dilemma.

Baron Sedgwick has been wooing and teaching Cecily the art of carnal pleasures, up to a point of course. She must remain intact *whispers--down there* for her future, faceless husband. He realizes that he has fallen for this woman and gives her a choice of marrying him, to complete the seduction OR follow through with the marriage to The Other Man. I found it endearing that he called her kitten.

Throughout this story, I crossed my fingers and hoped Cecily would choose Sedgwick. Well, being the good daughter, she lets Sedgwick go and heads towards the altar with the unknown suitor, soon to be husband. Dun dun dun!

Favorite Quote:
No musician could have played an instrument better. His voice was like a song of seduction to her senses, the husky invitation of a violin sliding beneath her well-guarded defenses.
Overall: Once again, Ms. March has captivated me. She had me laughing, sighing, wishing and egging on Sedgwick and Cecily towards a HEA despite that mysterious August, and in only 15,000 words. That is an amazing feat for an author to convey so much emotion and some sexiness going on, in a novella. Ms. March, I am very much looking forward to reading ROMANCING THE COUNTESS. You have set up the story beautifully.

***I bought this for Kindle.***
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