Monday, September 26, 2011

Man Candy Monday: Blue/White Collar

Good Monday morning to you my lovelies! It's your favorite day of the week: Man Candy Monday. Twitter will explode with pictures and links of dressed, semi-dressed and absolutely nekkid (please put some sort of warning with these) men. We've been known to break Twitter a time or two. Yup, that whale with the birds has shown up a few times on Monday nights.
Do remember to be courteous to your fellow Man Candy Monday babes when it comes to sharing pictures. We like to drink when viewing the pictures so our keyboards, laptops, iPads or what have you, have been known to take the brunt of our liquid spewage. Please, please, please put a warning.

Today's theme: Blue/White Collar. Or so I've been told.

Soooo... got any blue/white collar men that YOU drool over? Remember Sharing is Caring. And don't forget to join us tonight on Twitter at 8pm CDT (6,7,9 for the rest of us). Bring your droolage, giggles, snark and pictures to share. Look for the #ManCandyMonday hashtag. See you there!!!

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