Monday, September 12, 2011

Man Candy Monday: Beach Bums

Happy Monday! Don't look so sad. Join us tonight at 8PM EDT (6,7 and 9 for the rest of us) for Man Candy Monday. We'll brighten your day, make you spit out your drink (in a good way) and short circuit your keyboard (so keep liquids, including your drool away) with pictures of hot, wet, shirtless and well sculpted men. Just look for the #ManCandyMonday hashtag.

This week's theme is (drum roll please).................BEACH BUMS! And the fabulous Jenn LeBlanc has a fantastically drool worthy post full of wet, nearly naked to butt naked men at the official Man Candy Monday blog. Why yes, she did include that guy, Derek. You know, the one on the cover of her debut book, THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE? What???!!! You haven't heard of it? Well, have a looksee.

Okay, enough words. Here are the pictures:
Wait! A few more words. The wonderful Jenn LeBlanc has allowed me to use this picture within this post. You may scratch your head and go--uh, Kati? you've lost your mind. No. I have not. This is just my favorite picture.
© 2011 Jenn LeBlanc
Okay, now more pictures:

Okay, I think that's enough to whet your appetite. Don't forget to join us tonight. Bring your clothed, unclothed or semi-clothed beach bums. Please remember: We, the Man Candy Monday babes, are not held responsible for getting you in trouble with your husband, boyfriend or significant other if you get caught looking at these pictures. Please also add a warning if the picture is NSFW. Some of us have beverages in our hands and our computers have been known to take the brunt of viewing and spewing. View responsibly.

Got a favorite beach bum? Share in the comments. Remember, Sharing is Caring. :)
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