Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Book Birthday

Wow! Today is a BIG day for book releases. Some of them I have been DYING for like Ashley March's ROMANCING THE COUNTESS. I am currently reading an ARC of Carly Phillips's SERENDIPITY. And yes, J.R. Ward's latest, ENVY is also out today. Then there was the whole bruhaha about this cover (can you spot the peen?). And hello Paul Marron, another cover? Don't mind if I do. I've still got to hop on the Nalini Singh bandwagon. I will. One day. And um, Maya Banks? Why is this book not out yet, SEDUCTION OF A HIGHLAND LASS (9/27)?

Just click on the book covers to learn more.

What new releases this month are you just DYING to read? You'd be willing to sell your kidney for? (just kidding) Leave a comment. Thanks!

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