Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Not much happening this week. It's kind of a been a slow and quiet week which is slightly surprising. No giant explosion of book releases. No movies I really want to see. Although, SMG returned to television. Who is SMG you ask? Sarah Michelle Gellar, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame. Back to The CW which used to be The WB which was the network for all late 90s must watch teen dramas. I think my mailman has a fascination with romance books because I haven't gotten any books that I've been waiting on. The least he could do is leave me a note right?

So, these are my five friday faves:

Casting Perry Kickstarter Project: Gah! If you haven't seen or read Jenn LeBlanc's THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE, at least read an excerpt. The book has gorgeous photographs inside the book. No, it's not pornographic, it's tastefully done. It's artistic. No naughty bits and pieces are shown. If you'd like to help cast Perry (the hero in Jenn's next book) check it out here.

Real Men Will by Victoria Dahl. Okay, so this book doesn't release for another month or so but out of the Donovan Brothers Brewery trilogy, this one is scorching hot. I have to keep putting it down, afraid that if I keep reading, the pages will suddenly burst into flames or my Kindle would combust. Laughing hysterically, almost breaking my Kindle due to the scorching smexing, twice AND sobbing uncontrollably all in the span of an hour and a half does not make me crazy. I swear.

Words with Friends. It's like Scrabble for your phone. You can play with any of your Twitter or Facebook friends. Slightly addicting, super hilarious and sometimes, it won't let you play words you know exist. What the hell is a Qi? And Clit is a word. My romance books tell me so.

Nutella. It's hazelnut spread and delicious. Slightly chocolaty in taste and heavenly on toast, english muffins, bananas, with peanut butter, on vanilla ice cream or by itself. Go ahead, just dip that spoon in and eat. It's almost like eating a liquid-ish Ferrero Rocher candy.

Monopoly. It's been overcast recently on the coast so no tanning for this girl. Sometimes I just need a break from reading and well, Monopoly is one of my favoritest games ever. It's starting to cool down and board games are in season at my house. Bring on the beginning of the JOYathon!

So what has made your week? Any new movies, television shows, books, games, food, music, new places? Share in the comments. Have a fabulous weekend!
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