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Contemporary eARC Review: Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl

BAD BOYS DO by Victoria Dahl
FORMAT: eBook via NetGalley
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLISHER: Harlequin- HQN (September 27,2011)
ISBN: 9780373776023

Olivia Bishop is no fun. That’s what her ex-husband said. That’s what her smart bob and glasses imply. And with her trademark determination, Olivia sets out to remake her life. She’s going to spend time with her girlfriends and not throw it all away for some man. But when an outing with her book club leads her to a brewery taproom, the dark-haired beauty realizes that trouble – in the form of sexy Jamie Donovan – may be too tempting to avoid.
Jamie Donovan doesn’t mean to be bad. Sure, the wild streak in his wicked green eyes has lured the ladies before. But it’s time to grow up. He’s even ready for a serious romance. But how can that be when Olivia, the only right woman he has ever met, already has him pegged as wrong. (source)

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Oh that Jamie Donovan. *sigh* Here's 5 reasons why he makes me sigh:
  1. He looks good in and out of a kilt. 
  2. He's a great instructor of fun. 
  3. He's good with his hands; in bed and putzing about the house.
  4. For telling a joke or kissing him, first pint's half price.
  5. He's charming, approachable and totally panty dropping worthy.
Previously in GOOD GIRLS DON'T, we meet Jamie Donovan who has completely screwed up. He slept with the daughter of the man that the brewery was planning on doing business with and on top of that, the woman he slept with steals the security code so her brother could break in to the brewery to steal sensitive information. Jamie has a rocky relationship with his brother Eric and still thinks of his sister, Tessa, as an innocent little girl.

All his life, he's felt like a no-good fuck up and finally wants to be more than the bad boy who the ladies swoon over when he's wearing his kilt. He's ready to take on more responsibility at the brewery besides being bartender, server and 1/3 owner, and he's got a plan. A really good one. He secretly takes a class on food and beverage management to help him with his plan.

Olivia Bishop doesn't know what fun is. You wouldn't either if you were married to some stuck up tenure chasing professor. Of course, Olivia is no longer married to Victor who she walked in on going at it with a student. Yikes! She's ready to discover who the real Olivia is and well, learning to have fun with Jamie seems like a good way to start.

In exchange for Jamie teaching Olivia how to have fun, she would help him with his plan to expand the brewery into a brewpub. And cue in the bow chicka wow wow music. Insert hot for teacher joke here.

Olivia and Jamie enter into a deliciously hot sexual relationship (hello mirror!) and must deal with creepy, possessive ex-husband Victor, Olivia's insecurity about her age and Jamie's volatile relationship regarding the expansion of the brewery with Eric while trying to deny their growing emotional attraction to each other and pfft-ing it off as hot and heavy sexual attraction. Didja get all that?

'What the hell?' Jamie muttered, his skin still hot with embarrassment, thought half of his embarrassment was because he wasn't sure what he was upset about: That he'd just been accused of inviting his brewmaster to come on to him, or that his brewmaster had rejected him out of hand?
OVERALL: Tessa's book (GOOD GIRLS DON'T) was pretty hot but Jamie's book (BAD BOYS DO) was hotter. I'm sure Eric's will be the hottest. Ms. Dahl makes me smile every time I read one of her books and BAD BOYS DO is no different. I like love lust Jamie Donovan. He's a bad boy with a good heart. (Wait, is that like a hooker with a heart of gold?) Anyway, this hot for teacher, older woman/younger man story is  well done. Okay, hot for instructor if you want to get technical. Olivia sort of annoyed me when she kept emphasizing on their age difference but I grew to like her. This book is sexy, funny and heart warming at times. P.S. I wanted to punch Victor in the face and may have cheered when Jamie did. :)

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