Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monthly Mailbox: August Edition

Whoa! August was definitely my month for books. Between RomCon11, Danielle of Ramblings from this Chick (she went to AAD Philly) and Jamie Lynn (she finally send the RWA11 stash), my bookshelf is groaning from the weight.

So much awesome swag too. Bookmarks, samplers, pens (lots of them), and freaking RTCs!! I've started collecting romance trading cards. They're just absolutely gorgeous and sexy.

RWA stash from Jamie Lynn

bought at Barnes and Noble

from Katharine Ashe
from Ashley March for RBW

AAD Philly stash from Danielle
RomCon11 book stash

So, did you get anything good this month? A book you've been waiting for? A movie? Some super awesome swag?

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