Monday, August 1, 2011

Gone to Texas!

Austin skyline from Stevie Ray Vaughn statue site
Oh my sweet JM&J. I've been remiss these past 2 weeks in posting ANYTHING! Please accept my apology at this time. I went back home to Texas to visit my parents. Had a totally wonderful time. It was all sorts of hot and sticky. That is what hell must feel like times a gazillion degrees!

 I didn't get to do much while there since the heat kind of was a total boner killer. I did get to see my girls. We had margaritas at Chuys.

My bff Caro and I went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. It's a tradition of ours. Even if we've already seen a Potter movie, we go and see it again. Together.

I ate a whole bunch of Tex-Mex. Sorry RBW Team 8. But I did lose weight. Not much. But I still lost it. My mother thinks I don't eat enough so she tried to load me down with food. I miss my mama's home cooking. *sigh*

My daddy and I had a Father/Daughter day out. We drove all the way to Fredericksburg, TX (a cute town in the Texas hill country) and thought we'd do some window shopping. Well... it got super hot so we just ended up at The Auslander Biergarten. I do enjoy German food and haven't had any in ages. So basically, my dad and I drove 90 miles for lunch. It was worth it though. =)

But now it'll be back to your scheduled blogging programs. Oh, I'll be heading to ROMCON on Thursday. I'll have posts scheduled this time. Scout's honor. I'll also try to do a daily recap each day. We'll see how that goes since each day is filled with lots and lots of FUN things.
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