Saturday, July 9, 2011

Contemporary eARC Review: Cowboys Like Us by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Cowboys Like Us by Vicki Lewis Thompson (10th Anniversary Collector's Edition)
Format: eBook via NetGalley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Harlequin- Harlequin Blaze (July 19, 2011)
ISBN: 9780373796342

Real cowboys aren't born. They're made…

Logan Carswell has just kissed his professional baseball career goodbye. Goodbye dreams, career and future. For now, though, he's working at the Last Chance Ranch and the town saloon, where sexy bartender Caro Davis is definitely taking his mind off his troubles…
Caro's days have been so hectic, she's forgotten all about the finer aspects of life. Like men. And sex. And really smokin'-hot sex with men like Logan. But when their two worlds collide—and boy, do they ever collide—they both realize that once the gear is off, a cowboy is still a cowboy!
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Extras: Read an Excerpt on Harlequin Site | Read an Excerpt on Vicki's Site | The Making of A Blaze Cover 
I really liked it.

My first book in Harlequin's Blaze line and I wasn't disappointed. This book left me wanting more of the people of Shoshone, Wyoming and especially the men of the Last Chance Ranch. Ms. Thompson took me on an emotional and VERY sexually charged ride that I never wanted to get off of but had to put the book down a few times to fan myself.

Top 5 Reasons to Read This Book:

  1. Cowboys! Nope, not those outfitted in the blue,white and silver from Texas. But real life, honest to god, boots and tight jeans wearing, 10 gallon hat donning, horse riding, calf roping type of cowboys. 
  2. Logan Carswell. Ex-baseball player, looks good in jeans and boots, has quite the sexual appetite and good with his hands (yes, THAT way and also builds things). He's also quite the bartender. He meets Caro who is bar tending during the wedding, and both come to a mutual agreement: no strings attached sex. Well, you know how that goes. His injured knee becomes his armor of sorts. He doesn't know what to do with himself now that playing baseball is no longer an option. Broadcasting doesn't appeal to him. 
  3. Caro Davis. Small town girl, bartender, faithful granddaughter, compassionate. Caro is the bartender at the Spirits and Spur's where she is tending bar during Alex and Tyler's wedding. Her grandmother took her in when her parents passed away. Due to her grandmother's failing health, she sold the house, moved her grandmother into a home and lives in an apartment above the bar. She visits her grandmother every day. She also puts others first. Choosing to have a one night stand with Logan Carswell changes her life forever.
  4. Steamy sexy. In the bedroom, on a bed, on the counter, against a tree, in the bathroom. Are you getting the picture? 
  5.  Cowboy Lingo/Metaphors. I'm still not sure how I felt about this. It made me giggle quite a bit and roll my eyes to the point that I thought they'd get stuck that way. 
Favorite Quote: 
"'Here.' A stout little lady shoved a paperback at him. 'You can autograph this.'
Logan looked perplexed. 'But I didn't write it.'
'Doesn't matter. You can still autograph it.'
'But--it's a romance novel.'
'And you look like a romance hero to me, so...'"

Overall: Well Ms. Thompson, you've convinced me to put your backlist in The Pile. I'm ready to take on some cowboys and perhaps give contemporaries a little more love. This book had me tingling in places I didn't know existed and maybe take a cold shower or two. I thought either I or the book would end up in flames, the sex was HOT! And yes, ex-baseball players can be cowboys too. And small town bartender's can capture the heart of a big city man. I can't wait to read the next book in this series. The end left me wanting more. 

***This book was requested off of NetGalley.***

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