Monday, July 18, 2011

Man Candy Monday: Men On Horseback Edition

Here's a few pictures to start your Monday off with a bang. Or a gallop. Every Monday, bloggers, authors and peeps of the romance community unite to share their appreciation for good looking men. Some use the time to ogle, others use it as a research tool. Yes, research. After all, those men in stories don't just automatically ride into the imagination. They need to be visualized in all aspects of dress and undress. Join us every Monday night on Twitter at 8pm CST (6,7 & 9 pm for all you other time zones) for Man Candy Monday. Bring your half naked, fully clothed, fully naked (put a warning with this please) men and hashtag it #ManCandyMonday. You never know what you might find. Each week had a different theme. This weeks is men on horseback. Or near a horse. Or with a horse (not like that perv!)

Here's my contribution:

Ok. So technically Brody is NOT on a horse but he's got a saddle. That works too. Right? Riiight? Nod your head.

For more hot man-ness on horses, with saddles or riding crops, join us for Man Candy Monday on Twitter. Use the hashtag #ManCandyMonday to find us.

So, any hot man candy I should know about? Sharing is Caring.
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