Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Friday Favorites

It's another edition of my Five Friday Favorites in which I pick five things that I really, really, really liked this week. It could be a movie, a book, a song, an alcoholic drink, a new piece of man candy, a new friend or even a new blog site. This week, I have had my writing pants on. Like seriously. This WIP is starting to shape up into something. It started off as a joke of sorts but it blossomed into something that might one day be worth publishing. But that's a long ways away. RWA happened this week in the NYC. I've been a tad jealous reading all the tweets and looking at pictures from some of the wonderful authors and bloggers I follow. Next year, it'll be in my backyard, sort of. If I had a backyard an hour and a half away. LOL. The third Transformer's movie comes out today. Oh Josh Duhamel. *sigh*
So here is what I'm loving this week:

Jenn LeBlanc. Yup. She's my man candy dealer. And she is an amazing author and photographer. She's got quite a few projects going. A story for an anthology, Perry's book (if you haven't read THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE, get yourself to Amazon or B& and BUY IT. There's picture in it. Hot, wet, half nekkid pictures.), casting for Perry (since the original decided to be a do-gooder and teach English to kids in Korea), something super fabulous at RomCon (involving kilts and a Muse) AND a photo shoot happening today. (Helloooo Daniel. Who's Daniel you ask? Oh man. Read Tiffany Reisz's SEVEN DAY LOAN. It's an erotica so proceed with caution.)

These guys. I'm not even going to write anything about them because I know you won't read any of this. Thanks Jenn for the inspiration. They've made the WIP as Muses.

Deeper Than Midnight by Lara Adrian. I have been waiting for this book forever. Okay, maybe not forever ever. But it sure feels like it. I may have dropped everything (aka review books) to indulge in this one. This is Hunter's book. The Gen One who was born and bred by Dragos to be a killing machine until a little girl's vision saves him. He now fights on the side of the Order. He has been conditioned not to feel any type of emotion and to detach himself from everything, until Corinne Bishop comes along. Be on the lookout for my review of this book.

This girl. You may know her as JamieLynn831 on Twitter or For the Love of Romance on Facebook or just Jamie when you talk to her. She is all sorts of AWESOME!! And I heart her. A lot. She has been super generous enough to get me some swag from RWA when she went for the signing. I can't wait to see her in August (35 days from now) for RomCon. We are going to rock out and fan girl squee over our favorite authors and be absolutely well behaved. (Maybe). Yay for internet BFF's or something like that.

'The Story of Us'- Taylor Swift. I have been listening to this song over and over and over again. It's at the top of my playlist for the WIP. Ah-mazing. Actually, most of the playlist consists of Taylor Swift songs. Don't judge me. She just has really awesome lyrics and catchy choruses. 

Sooo... what are you loving this week? A new book? A new movie? A new song? If you've got Man Candy to share, please do! Remember: Sharing is Caring. =)
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