Friday, June 24, 2011

Winner of RomCon11 Ticket Giveaway



@aislinn_mac won the #RomCon11 ticket giveaway and meetup with the Pervy Trinity and Naughty Authors #1 and #2 AND DEREK!! YAY!! 
Derek, Naughty Authors 1&2 and the
Pervies can't wait to meet you Aislynn!

The two runner up swag baskets full of awesome goodies go to:

Jen Martin aka @RedHotBooks and Isalys aka @IsaBookSoulmate

Thank you for all the entries and the fun over the past couple weeks!

I hope you all can make it to RomCon this year!

***A special thanks to my D picture dealer Jenn LeBlanc for letting me participate in this giveaway and to Ashley March, my soon to be Blue Bell ice cream dealer at RomCon. Also, thanks Jenn and Ash for providing the awesome quotes from your wonderful books. Sadly, I must go take them down. As well as the D pictures associated with the giveaway. Thanks to the Pervies who I'll be seeing at RomCon!***
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