Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Friday Favorites

Friday: The day between Thursday and Saturday. Is associated with the planet Venus in astrology. So many Fridays: Black Friday, Good  Friday, Friday the 13th, Casual Friday, POETS Day (AUS/UK), Rebecca Black's Friday. Ok, rant over. This week has been a bee-you-tiful week. The sun has shined, the birds have chirped, I did some lifeguard watching, and spent quite some time stalking looking at Model Mayhem to find Jenn LeBlanc's Perry. Oy!

And now without futher ado, I give you this Friday's Five Faves:

Thanks Ms. Boyle!

Books from Elizabeth Boyle. Elizabeth Boyle is now on Twitter: @elizboyle (follow her) and to celebrate it, she was giving away a bag of romance books. All you had to do was leave a comment on her blog and tweet about it. And I am a total sucker for books, so I commented, tweeted and crossed my fingers. Then bam! She picked me =) The books came this week and I can't wait to read them.

Didn't think so...
Jed Hill. Model, footballer, personal trainer, panty dropper extraordinaire. You read that right. If you saw him, you'd drop your panties too. I finally took the next step to borderline stalker mode (there is a difference) and am following him on Twitter. He doesn't tweet much. And when he does, it's to the point. He's also on the cover of Pamela Clare's Breaking Point and Jaci Burton's The Perfect Play. As in you should go buy those now. Get started on your Jed Hill romance cover collection. Who wouldn't want to buy a book with this guy on the cover?

The Making of a Gentleman by Shana Galen. I still have yet to read this book but it seems I keep winning copies of it. I think it's a sign of sorts that I must read it NOW!
Twelve years in a French prison have left the once dashing Armand Harcourt, Comte de Valere a hollow shell of his former self. Though safely back on English soil, Armand remains locked in a prison of his mind, unable to interact with the glittering social world that was his rightful place. When his family hires the beautiful and determined Felicity Bennett to teach Armand, he is shaken by the onslaught of desire Felicity awakens in him. As Felicity slowly helps reclaim Armand, their passion begins to blossom into a transcendent love capable of healing the scars of both their pasts. (Goodreads)

Sunsets. This week has been filled with really awesome and gorgeous sunsets. It's usually clear without a cloud in sight during the day but somehow, the clouds creep out from where ever they're hiding for the evening. A few wisps here and there washed in gorgeous oranges with a hint of purple. I still have yet to see that green flash as the sun meets the horizon. One day I'll witness it.

The Bachelorette. Yes, it's another season of The Bachelorette. It gives me an excuse to buy champagne and play a drinking game. After one hour, the bottles empty. This season, the bachelorette is Ashley Hebert. She was rejected by Brad. She used to be a blonde. Not that there's anything wrong with it. If she were a heroine in a romance book, she'd be TSTL. Bentley's "I would literally, rather be, like swimming in pee than planning my wedding with her." had me LOLing hard! It's just awesome mindless, trashy television. 

So... are there any summer shows that you love? SYTYCD? America's Got Talent? Any new books your loving? Any drool worthy man candy that I should check out? Sharing is caring. 
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