Monday, May 16, 2011

RomCon11 or Bust!

So after a Twitter storm this past weekend, it has been made official: The Pervy Trinity are going to RomCon in Denver in August. Yes, a certain Jenn LeBlanc, author of The Rake and the Recluse, may or may not have bribed us with a certain Muse. And Ashley March is bringing Blue Bell (which I dearly miss. Blue Bell and Texas go hand in hand, but somehow, it's made its way to Colorado.)
I will finally get to meet Jamie from For the Love of Romance and Rita from Not Another Romance Blog (ok, she's not official yet) IN PERSON! And also, Naughty Authors 1&2: Ashley March and Jenn LeBlanc.
I've registered for RomCon (hello, Chocolate Mangasm™), Jamie has booked our room, this week I'll book my flight and now, it's time get off my ass and run. Run like a bat out of hell (I can't fly), run like a horse hell bent for leather. This girl has got to look good. First impressions and all. 

As the blogosphere is my witness, I give you a Exhibits A, B and C stating that Rita Jett is most definitely, absolutely not backing out, GOING  to RomCon (even if Jamie has to stuff her in a suitcase- sorry Daddy Jett).

Exhibit A:  Rita Jett 


Exhibit B:  Derek Hutchins 

Exhibit C:  Rita Jett 

It's decided... Heaven and Earth have been moved and one way or another- I am going to RomCon

So there you have it. Splashed across the Twitterverse for all to see. Do you hear me in Jersey Rita Jett?
I said, you're going to RomCon Rita Jett!
That's right, I went there. 

Is it August yet?
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