Sunday, May 22, 2011

Number 80 in Amazon's Time Travel Romance On Kindle

HOLY RICHARD HENRY HUGH PUREJOY HUTCHINS NEKKID DANCE PARTY!!!!! Jenn LeBlanc's The Rake and the Recluse (which I have been pimping for a while on this blog) has made it to number 80 on Amazon Kindle's Time Travel Romance category. Oh. My. Gah! Thanks to all who helped her make her way up the Amazon ranks. Tell all your friends about it. Let's get her to Top 10.

Congrats Jenneral Hotshot!!!

Oh yeah, don't forget the giveaway for Jenn's book ends the 25th. Click here to enter. For another chance at her book, visit Not Another Romance Blog's page. Click here. Hers ends June 2nd. 

Pervy Trinity Pimpage Power Activate! P.S. Couldn't find a picture of Purejoy doing thumbs up. And also, no Hutchins thumbs up either *hint, hint Jenneral*

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