Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kindle Love

I love, love, love my Richard Henry. And by Richard Henry I mean my Kindle. Yes, that's how much I love it, I named it. Now, why do I love it so much... Let me count the ways!

I love the instant gratification of being able to download the book right then and there. There is no need to go and get dressed and drive to the book store. I can sit right in my living room in my pajamas and buy a book.

The sample button is my friend! Every time I see a book that sounds interesting but I've never read the author I can just have a sample sent. It's like author speed dating. I get a couple chapters to see if I like the author's tone and if I don't then I haven't wasted my money because its FREE!

I tend to travel a lot. and I must always have something to read cause I've been known to get stuck in airports (like the time I was stuck in Syracuse for 8 hours) and books can get heavy. But my Richard Henry is very light and carries hundreds of books so I always have something to read. And if I don't like what I'm reading I can always find something else thanks to the Kindle Store!

Another great thing, the pricing. A lot of the E-books are priced lower then the paperback version and sometimes are on sale for really cheap or FREE! This is another way to try out a new to you author and I have found some gems thanks to this!

I have the Kindle app on my iPhone which is amazing! When I'm out running errands I usually don't have Richard Henry on me but I always have my phone which means I can read anywhere. It makes things interesting when I'm at a family function and I'm reading a sexy book while trying not to blush.

Don't get me wrong, I love paperbacks and I will always buy them especially for certain authors. But, Richard Henry has definitely made my life a bit easier. Do any of you have a Kindle or and E-book reader? Do you love it or is just OK?

Now, next week I'm working on a post about those free E-books I mentioned. So tell me, if it's free do you download it? Do you start reading them knowing that they are maybe not up to par with other E-books?
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