Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Reader eSteals (2)

I am one of those people who absolutely loves a good bargain. I think Amazon is way better than Barnes & Noble when it comes to free eReads. I've probably downloaded over 200 free Kindle books and have only actually read 40 of those. Some of them are fantastic while others were not so fantastic and was glad to have downloaded for free. Some books have been free for months, others a few week and others for only a week. I'll try to update the list. So here's some of the books that are either Free or under $5. I'm also featuring Kindle book bundles for $9.99 or less. Please note: I am not an Amazon affiliate. I am just posting this for your benefit.
***This was suppose to roll out this morning. Due to Blogger being down, it didn't. So here it is now.***


Know any other eSteals that I haven't listed? Please share.
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