Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Friday Favorites

It's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday. This week has been kind of slow. There's not much I'm loving this week. Henry Cavill got himself engaged to a horse girl (I will never call her by her given name), it keeps getting foggy in the afternoon (this began after reading Kieran Kramer's Cloudy with A Chance of Marriage), and I got sunburned. And, a seagull (once again) stole my sandwich. But enough whining. Here's my favorites for the week.

This girl. Yes, this is Jamie from For the Love of Romance. She sent a most wonderful package of unputdownable books. I told her on Twitter that I've never read any books by Julia Quinn or Lisa Kleypas (I'll wait while you finish gasping.) So she was kind enough to put together a package and send it my way. 5 books. RICHARD HENRY HUGH PUREJOY nekkid DANCE PARTY! Thanks Jamie!

Julia Quinn. Where have you been for the past 10 years of my romance book reading life. Why have I not discovered the Bridgerton family? I giggled my way through The Duke and I. And cannot wait to add the rest of the Bridgerton books to my ever growing, never shrinking TBR pile. Seriously, it's been a week of Simon's for this girl. First Simon from Sarah MacLean's Eleven Scandals to Start to Win A Duke's Heart and now Simon from The Duke and I.

Navy SEALs. Yes, they are the men of the week. They finally got The Big Bad who has been hiding for 10 years. Way to go guys!

The Rake and the Recluse by Jenn LeBlanc. This book is just amazing. What a concept! Interspersed within this book are color and black and white pictures to go along with the story. This is not your child's bedtime illustrated storybook. The pictures are ab-tastically awesome and just gorgeous. Confession: as of now, I've been drooling over the pictures and have only read the first 2 chapters of this book. But I will soldier on and read the story. It's quite fascinating. A bit of time travel. A bit of a love story. And a gorgeous Duke (pictures included). 

Speak Now by Taylor Swift. Because I wish I could do this at a certain person's wedding. Seriously, we are soulmates and he knows in the very depths of his soul that we are meant to be. He just hasn't found me yet.  Perhaps we were even together in a past lifetime. (preferably in Regency England)

So what are you loving this week? A new book? A new hang out? A new movie? A new imaginary boyfriend? Share.

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