Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monday Man Candy

I've always hated Monday's. Monday meant that the weekend was over and that the alarm clock was going to wake me up early to get to class or to work. I still dislike Mondays but not asmuch as before because now, come Monday night I know there is going to be some hot man candy on my Twitter feed. So for all my ladies who have a case of the Monday's I have some hot men who want to help you get through your day!

Clive Owen

Jake Gyllenhaal

And someone who will be awaiting your return home and to bed:

Alexander Skarsgard

I don't know about you ladies, but I know I can't wait for True Blood to come back on. Hot Damn!

Don't forget to join us on Twitter for #ManCandyMonday 9PM EST. We will also be unveiling our Man Candy Monday blog. So grab a glass of wine (or ice water) and come enjoy the show!

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