Saturday, April 16, 2011

Look What The Mailman Brought Me

Thanks to Kathryn Caskie and Kim from SOS Aloha .
I've been wanting to read Ms. Caskie's books for a while. After reading Ms. Caskie's site and spending a good 2 hours just browsing, I had to read these. And well, I'm the kind of girl who loves a good giveaway. :) So I wrote a comment and got awesome books in return. Thanks ladies! Plus they're signed and came with beautiful bookmarks to hold my place.

P.S. If you're wondering why I included a picture of the package, Ms. Caskie warned me that she taped the heck out of it. Apparently, there was one package she sent another reader that arrived with only book and a torn package. But I didn't have to use the jaws of life to open this package. :)
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