Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Book Release Day

RICHARD HENRY HUGH PUREJOY DANCE PARTY!!!The following books are released today:

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart
Cloudy With A Chance Of Marriage
Nowhere Near Respectable
A Tale of Two Lovers
Ripe for Pleasure
Any Man of Mine
Midnight's Wild Passion
When Tempting a Rogue
Rivals in the Tudor Court
Touch of a Thief
Born of Shadows
When You Dare
Dangerous in Diamonds
Southern Comfort
Dead By Morning
Face of Danger
Bound by Darkness
The Chase

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Eleven Scandals has been on my pre-order list since I finished 9 Rules and 10 Ways. So has Cloudy with a Chance of Marriage. The Chase, The Perfect Wife, The Brat and What She Wants, all by Lynsay Sands are re-prints (new cover).

Please note: The Kindle editions of some of these books may not be released until a week later. Some release on the same day as the paperbacks.

P.S. Kris Kennedy, Elizabeth Amber and Lori Foster have really lickable covers. I'm just sayin'.

Are there any books I've missed? Did you buy any of these books? 
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