Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My perfect brand of heroine...

Bella and Edward

Here is the question from the giveaway: To enter to win the copy of her debut, please answer the following question if you’re a writer: How is your heroine perfect for your hero? If you’re a reader: How is the heroine perfect for your hero in your favorite romance novel? (source)

Posted as a comment on Ashley March's blog in response to her Katharine Ashe giveaway:

In the words of Edward Cullen: “You’re EXACTLY my brand of heroin[e]. (ooo….I think I made a pun.)
This is what I’ve learned after reading 58 romance books within the past 2 months. Yes, 58. *blushing*
She is the woman that takes his breath away the moment he sees her. She is the woman who can speak her mind, yet forget about what she was saying the moment the hero kisses her. She is the woman who can be a lady in society and semi-slake the lust of the hero behind closed doors.(because we readers know that heroes lust for their heroines more than they’ve ever lusted for previous mistresses) She is the woman who appears strong on the outside but needs rescuing from her personal demons. She is the woman who challenges the hero from the first day they meet until their issues are worked out. She is the sister of a friend, the daughter of an enemy, the ward of the hero, the sister-in-law of a brother, the governess, the spinster, or the mistress of another man and she is COMPLETELY off limits. She is the woman the hero argues with, falls in lust with, compromises, secretly falls in love with, pushes away and finally declares his love to for a happily ever after.
(phew…perhaps this is too much?)
p.s. One more thing about the heroine:
She must have curves in all the right places that fit perfectly with the hero’s well defined abs, tapered waist, muscled chest and well endowed nether region.

What's your perfect brand of heroine?
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